How often is data synced?

There are two ways that Human API synchronizes data from user-authenticated sources: historical and ongoing synchronization.

  • Historical Synchronizations occur as soon as a user authenticates a data source. We immediately pull the historical data for that source and will send you a notification once the data is available through Human API.

  • Ongoing Synchronizations regularly pull updated data from all sources to ensure that user data is up to date. For some sources, we receive notifications and can provide newly updated data in near real-time. For others, we regularly pull updated data from the source API to ensure we get updated information as soon as possible.

Please note that although we do everything we can to get updated data as soon as possible, we still must wait until the specific device syncs with the user's smartphone and that data becomes available from the source API itself.

For more information on the synchronization status of a user's data sources, see the Source Sync Status page in the documentation.

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