How soon will I receive data for a newly connected user?

We start synchronizing user data as soon as the user connects a source and selects "Done" in Connect. Specifically, we start pulling the most recent data from the source and work backward historically from there. As new data comes in, we will send you notifications to sync that data for your users.

Historical Data Sync

 The speed at which a historical sync works is based on two things:

  1. Source rate limits
  2. How much historical data the user has

Rate limits dictate the amount of data we can pull per user in a given period of time.

In general, we have negotiated higher rate limits for many of the sources, so we can sync data as fast or faster than any other third party, but we are still subject to them and must build our system accordingly. 

For historical data, our system smartly schedules data retrieval to maximize rate limits without compromising our ability to stay on track of new data for the specific user from that source.

How long will it take to sync all of a user's data?

Due to variations in data volume per user and rate limiting per source, there is no universal timeframe for a full historical sync.

You can expect to receive recent data very soon after a user connects. It is often best to communicate to your users that historical data will continue to come in and to check back later to see more information.

Note: Garmin does not allow access to data recorded prior to user authorization.
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