Wellness vs. Medical API Information

There are two parts of the Data API, based on the data that can be accessed:

  • Wellness API - Data from user devices including: activity & sleep tracking, blood measurements, diet, height/weight, genetics, and more. 
    (See the Data Network for an interactive view of all data types and sources)

  • Medical API - Data from medical records (US only) including: encounters, vitals, test results, medications, immunizations, allergies, and more.


Both APIs work in the same way in regards to user authentication (both use Connect) and querying data. So, if you have already integrated one API, it is a very simple process to add the other by simply adding the new endpoints to your system.


If you are interested in accessing either type of health data via Human API, send us an email at enterprise@humanapi.co to learn more about API pricing.

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