Apple Health & Apple Watch

The process for authenticating and retrieving Apple Health data is different than many other sources because Apple Health data exists solely on a user's iPhone. 

As a result, users will be prompted to create a Human API account after selecting "Apple Health" or "Apple Watch" in Connect, which they can then use to log into the Human API iOS app to facilitate data synchronization. More information on this process can be found on the Hub.

Data Sync

The Human API app must be opened in order to sync Apple Health & Apple Watch data. A sync will occur just after launch or logging in.

Data Not Showing in Human API?

 The number one reason that data may not be showing in Human API is because it has not yet synced from the user's phone. The first step to troubleshoot here should always be to have the user log into the Human API app again. A data sync is initiated every time the app is opened, so this will ensure that all new or updated data is or has been sent to Human API for processing. 

If this doesn't solve the problem:

Double-check the desired data type is available to Human API.

  1. Verify that in iPhone Settings > Privacy > Health > Human API the desired data type has been enabled
  2. Ensure the data is populated and visible in the Apple Health app
  3. Open the Human API app and check the Events tab




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