Troubleshooting Human Connect Errors

There are a few common errors that may occur when launching Human Connect. See below for more information on troubleshooting these errors should one occur:

User Already Exists

This error occurs when you do not supply a publicToken upon launching Human Connect for existing users.

Specifically, a publicToken is received along with the accessToken upon finishing the authentication process the first time a user opens Human Connect. Subsequently, it must be provided to Human Connect so that the popup opens in "edit mode" and shows the user's current connections. More information on passing publicTokens into Human connect can be found in the documentation here.

Note: This error commonly occurs if you do not refresh the main page after a user authenticates a source and clicks "Done" in Connect. Every time a user connects a new source, you will receive an updated publicToken. If you do not supply this token to the page that launches the popup before the user clicks the trigger button again, they will see this error upon launch.


Application Doesn't Exist

This error occurs when we cannot find a developer portal application with a matching clientId specified in the options payload. Please double check that you have copied the correct clientId into your code and try again. 

You can find your clientId, as well as other app-specific tokens on the App Settings page in the Developer Portal.

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